Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds is a novella in the YA genre that follows the story of Kara and Jin as they escape their life in the gas fisher fleet and disappear into the grasslands on a quest to meet Starholder and ascend above the clouds.

The work is notable in that it was published in 2043, twenty-five years ahead of the appearance of the Second Moon. It is considered by some to be a prophetic piece, a warning to the people of Earth about the looming dangers they were facing. Others viewed it as an inside job, and that the story was published to signal to plants on Earth to begin their preparations for the coming of the Second Moon.

The story is a work in progress which needs to be rendered into existence as the Starholder Timeline fills out, and serves as an important prequel to the Second Moon Storyline.

Chapters 1 through 3 are human written by Damien Dojoz and serve as the voice and model for future chapters. Those are considered largely plot complete and serve as a solid foundation for the ongoing story.

Chapters 4 through 6 are in draft form and a work in progress. They were produced with ChatGPT early in its release cycle using the GPT-3 model. The storyline, events and tone are not quite there and it is questionable whether they will serve as ongoing scaffolding or be replaced when work on the novella resumes.

Novella Chapters

Chapter 1 – Ascent

Chapter 2 – Someday

Chapter 3 – A Meeting With Guildfather