Anslem Devices

Anslem Devices was founded in the year 2019 by a young entrepreneur and scientist who wanted to revolutionize the world of medical training. The company developed a new and advanced virtual reality technology which was far more accurate than any other VR hardware available at the time. It quickly became the leading VR system for medical training and won numerous awards and recognition.

The company grew quickly and within a few short years, it had over one hundred full time employees and had become a major player in the medical technology industry. It wasn’t long before giant tech companies started to take notice, and before long, the startup was acquired by another new technology company called Together. This acquisition allowed Anslem Devices to expand their reach and gave them the resources to take their technology even further.

Soon after their acquisition by Together, Anslem Devices/Together made headlines when they sued a company called Peared and its founder, Rabbit Wilson. Anslem Devices accused Peared and Wilson of stealing their intellectual property to create the Peared VR system. After a lengthy court battle, the case was eventually dismissed, but it was a warning sign for the entire industry.

Post-acquisition, Anslem Devices is now fully integrated into Together and no longer operates in the VR surgical training industry.