Bear Wilson

Bear Wilson was the father of Rabbit Wilson and Stephen Wilson. Born and raised in Michigan, Bear was an active and dedicated man who was always focused on his work. He was an entrepreneur who built a successful business from the ground up, and he was known for his hardworking and driven nature.

Despite his focus on his career, Bear was also a loving and supportive father who enjoyed spending time with his children. He would often take them fishing and play catch with them in the yard, and he was known for his love of the outdoors and his forest green Grand Wagoneer, which he kept in impeccable condition.

Bear’s wife, Jessica Wilson, was responsible for raising their children and maintaining the household, and Bear was known to be a supportive and involved husband. However, he always put his work first, and his dedication to his business often meant that he was not as present in his children’s lives as he would have liked.

Upon his death, Bear’s children were shocked to learn that he had $47.5 million in his Merrill Brokerage account, which they inherited.

Personal Life

Bear’s parents, Harold and Anne Wilson, were both hardworking and ambitious people who instilled in their son a strong work ethic and a passion for success. Growing up, Bear was always interested in business and finance, and he excelled in school, particularly in math and economics.

After graduating from high school, Bear attended the University of Michigan, where he studied business and finance. He was a top student and a member of several prestigious honor societies, and he was highly sought after by leading companies upon graduation.

Bear accepted a job at a prominent investment bank, where he quickly rose through the ranks. He was known for his intelligence, his drive, and his ability to close deals, and he became one of the bank’s top performers. However, Bear always dreamed of starting his own business, and he eventually left the bank to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Bear started his own company, a financial services firm that specialized in providing advice and support to small businesses. He was successful from the very beginning, and his company grew rapidly. Bear was known for his ability to connect with his clients and his willingness to take risks, and his business continued to thrive.