Global Public Opinion Poll

2075 Global Public Opinion Poll Summary: Perspectives on the Second Moon

Introduction to Poll Results:

The Global Sentiment Analysis Group (GSAG) presents the results of a unique public opinion poll conducted in mid-2075. As polling methodologies adjust to the complexities of a technologically advanced society where AI and humans are indistinguishable in terms of opinion-sharing, respondents secured with POLA attestations serve as the bedrock of our metrics. This poll aimed to illuminate global perspectives on the Second Moon incident, amidst an era defined by the convergence of terrestrial politics and extraterrestrial phenomena.

Key Findings:

  1. Acceptance of the Second Moon as a Physical Entity: 56% A growing majority now accepts the Second Moon’s physical presence, informed by years of telescopic observation and irrefutable scientific evidence, despite retaining some level of doubt regarding its origins and purpose.
  2. The Second Moon as a Government Conspiracy: 21% A resilient portion of the population continues to espouse the narrative that the Second Moon is an elaborate fabrication, promulgated by a coalition of Earth’s governments to enforce control, as a continuation of the Depop Drama logic threads.
  3. The Second Moon as an Indifferent Reality: 15% This segment remains disengaged from the existence of the Second Moon, viewing it as tangential to the immersive digital realities they inhabit. They express little concern for its actuality or implications.
  4. Belief in Extraterrestrial Influence: 6% A smaller, intrigue-driven subset not only believes in the Second Moon but speculates about the deeper extraterrestrial intentions behind it, tying the recent SpaceX Incident into their complex interpretations of the event.
  5. Uncertain/No Opinion: 2% A minimal percentage remains ambivalent or uninformed about their stance towards the Second Moon, often due to an exclusively virtual existence, far removed from celestial phenomena.


The survey findings underscore a nuanced and multifaceted public opinion landscape around the Second Moon. As the populace grapples with the nuances of extraterrestrial engagement, hyperreality, and deep-rooted narratives of state-level machinations, opinion remains a kaleidoscope of conviction, apathy, and speculation. The GSAG predicts that these perspectives will continue to evolve as events unfold and as the unknown entity reveals more of its hand – willingly or otherwise.