ImmerCast was a startup founded by Sonny Kumar, an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation. The company focused on developing experimental virtual reality broadcasting technology, and it quickly caught the attention of Fox, a large media conglomerate.

Fox acquired ImmerCast in order to explore the potential of using VR to deliver NFL games to viewers. However, the experiment was not a success, and the technology was left unused and dormant within Fox.

Eventually, Rabbit Wilson, the founder of Peared, saw the potential in ImmerCast’s technology and made a play to acquire the company. Peared successfully integrated ImmerCast’s technology into its own products, and appointed Sonny Kumar as its COO.

Under Rabbit Wilson‘s leadership and Sonny Kumar‘s expertise, ImmerCast’s technology was able to thrive and reach its full potential. The company continued to innovate and push the boundaries of VR broadcasting, and it became a leader in the field.


Prior to its acquisition by Fox, ImmerCast was a fledgling startup that relied on the support of various investors in order to fund its operations and research. One of the first investors in ImmerCast was a venture capital firm called Skyline Ventures, which provided the company with seed funding of $500,000.

Another important investor in ImmerCast was a tech entrepreneur named Jazmin Lee, who was known for her successful investments in promising startups. Jazmin saw the potential in ImmerCast’s technology and invested $1 million in the company.

ImmerCast also received funding from a group of angel investors, who collectively invested $500,000 in the company. These investors included a mix of experienced tech executives and successful entrepreneurs, who believed in ImmerCast’s vision and wanted to support its growth.