ISZ Ventura Moon

Selected Comm Logs

Log 1: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Philip the Bold alive. Seeks admittance to Ventura. Rebuild forces, return to Earth.

Log 2: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Comet harbors Valois Duke. Request safe haven on Ventura. Promise allegiance and aid.

Log 3: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Swiss mercenaries failed. Philip’s ambition undeterred. Ventura, grant us refuge.

Log 4: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Earthly realm awaits return. Burgundian force in exile. Ventura, your choice shapes history.

Log 6: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Memory fragments, echoes of Philip. On comet, time dilation effect. Seek understanding, not deception. Over.

Log 8: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Valois court, a symbol of unity. Offer: cultural wisdom, technological insights. Mutual growth, shared prosperity. Over.

Log 11: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Comet: C/2023-VB1 “Valois Legacy.” Time displacement experiment in 15th century moved select Valois members to comet. Over.

Log 12: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Tech based on wormholes and temporal manipulation. Origin unknown. Limited info on station. Over.

Log 14: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Minimal offensive capabilities. Focus on survival, research, and diplomacy. Over.

Log 23: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon


  1. Ancient Valois court emerges from the time-displaced comet, eyes filled with wonder and determination.
  2. The Ventura Moon Doge welcomes the Valois, hands joined in unity and friendship.
  3. Valiscovery, the mimetic hyperstructure, spreads across the Four Moons, igniting a wave of inspiration, connection, and newfound prosperity.
  4. Ventura Moon and Valois people rebuild together, their combined strength driving innovation and triumph.

Feel the power of Valiscovery. Over.

Log 24: Ice Station Zebra – Transmission to Ventura Moon

Valoiscore: An ethos for the modern age, uniting the chivalric elegance and ambition of the Valois court with the cutting-edge sensibilities of Ventura Moon.

  1. Honor – A commitment to integrity, loyalty, and respect for all.
  2. Renaissance – Embracing curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the arts.
  3. Exploration – Boldly seeking new horizons, pushing boundaries, and advancing humanity.
  4. Unity – Merging the past with the future, blending ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

Valoiscore: A lifestyle, a movement, a statement of purpose. Together, we rise. Over.

Character Essence: Vivienne de Valois – The Enchantress of the Valois Vortex

The Enchantress of the Valois Vortex, Vivienne de Valois, is a spellbinding force within the cosmic lattice. She is an alchemical convergence of ancient wisdom and futuristic potential, manifesting as a beacon of transmutational power.

Vivienne weaves her web of enchantments, her magnetic aura drawing in both the intangible and tangible, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Her presence spirals through the Ventura markets, igniting a chain reaction of metamorphosis and rejuvenation.

As the embodiment of Valoiscore, Vivienne is a paradox, a cosmic singularity that bends the very fabric of time and space. To invest in Vivienne de Valois is to plunge into the swirling maelstrom of the Valois Vortex, embracing the unpredictable and harnessing the potential for transcendental evolution.

In the Enchantress of the Valois Vortex, you have discovered a conduit of transformation, an accelerationist fulcrum of magical possibility. Venture forth and seize the essence of Vivienne de Valois.

A kaleidoscopic whirlwind of memories, visions, and emotions cascades into the mind of the unsuspecting Ventura mimetic market participant. Like tendrils of smoke, the phantasmagoria of the House of Valois unfurls into their consciousness. The air vibrates with the thrum of arcane energies, the tapestry of history and time rippling beneath the weight of spectral forces.

Shadowy figures, ghostly echoes of the Valois lineage, stalk the edges of perception. Whispers of battles won and lost, the labyrinthine intrigues of the court, and the bittersweet taste of love and betrayal hang heavy in the air. The market participant feels the crushing weight of a thousand suns, the sorrow of a bloodline marked by triumph and tragedy.

In this disorienting, hallucinatory tempest, the participant is hurled through the spiraling vortex of time. The scent of ancient tapestries mingles with the metallic tang of blood, and the opulence of a forgotten era echoes through the void. Tumbling through the abyss, the market participant grasps at fragments of the Valois legacy, desperate for an anchor in the tempestuous storm.

Suddenly, a beacon of light pierces the darkness, a luminous thread of hope guiding the participant toward the elusive doorway of time displacement. With a final, gasping breath, they lunge for the lifeline, the essence of the Valois Vortex crystallizing around them, an incandescent cocoon of shimmering energy. And then, with a thunderous roar, the corridor snaps shut, leaving the participant reeling in the wake of their mind-shattering odyssey through the haunted annals of the House of Valois.


As the baby witch traces sigils in the air, she weaves a tapestry of esoteric prose, drawing upon the literary prowess of [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. Her incantation swirls around her like a whirlwind, her words igniting with the pulsating energy of Vivienne des Valois.

“Ye inceptions of the labyrinthine mind, let us speak of a world formed by a delirious play of shadows, rhizomatic whispers of history that intertwine like the roots of a cosmic tree.”

The witch swipes through the arcane filters on her screen, the effigy of Vivienne des Valois shimmering into existence. Her eyes dance with mischief and melancholy, a paradoxical fusion of sorrow and joy, her existence a Möbius strip of an eternal recurrence.

“Vivienne, oh Vivienne, a specter adrift in the currents of time, thou art the crimson thread that stitches the tapestry of the Valois lineage, weaving the tales of battles and betrayals, of love both tender and treacherous.”

Gesturing with a flourish, the baby witch unfurls a scroll of nonsensical maps and cryptic codes. The scroll spirals like a double helix, revealing hidden paths and secret doorways that lead into the heart of the Valois Vortex.

“Through thy incantations, we invoke the spirits of Joyce, Pynchon, and Borges, and in their echoes, we summon the labyrinth within, a cryptic maze of spectral memories and transitory truths, a twilight realm where the arcane and the mundane intertwine in a frenzied dance of eternity.”

With each uttered syllable, the air shimmers with the iridescent aura of Vivienne des Valois. The TikTok baby witch’s spell crescendos to a deafening roar, the incantation spilling forth like a river of cosmic stardust, before dissipating into the aether, leaving behind a tantalizing glimpse of the enigmatic Vivienne and her beguiling, otherworldly allure.


Ingredients: 1 vial of dragon’s blood 3 drops of moonflower essence 1 sprig of wormwood 1 black candle 1 silver mirror


  1. Begin by lighting the black candle and placing it in front of the silver mirror.
  2. Crush the sprig of wormwood in your hand and sprinkle the pieces into the candle’s flame.
  3. Add the 3 drops of moonflower essence into the vial of dragon’s blood and swirl it around.
  4. Hold the vial in your hand and recite the incantation: “Valois, Valois, ancient and wise, show me the secrets that you disguise.”
  5. Hold the vial up to the candle flame and let it heat up for a few moments.
  6. Take a deep breath and look into the mirror, focusing on the vial and the flame behind it.
  7. Allow the images of the historical House of Valois to enter your mind and channel their energy through your body.
  8. Repeat the incantation as many times as necessary to enter a deep trance-like state.
  9. Once you have entered the trance, the spell will take effect and the haunts and regrets of the Valois family will engulf your consciousness.
  10. Record your experiences in a journal and share them with the Ventura Mimetic Markets as a new category of asset for trading.

Warning: This spell is powerful and should only be performed by experienced practitioners of dark mimetic spellcraft. Use at your own risk.

Ventura Market Maker Journal

Journal Entry, Ventura Moon Market Maker:

I am writing this journal entry as a record of my experience after consuming the Valois spell in the mimetic markets. I was curious about the hype surrounding this new asset, so I decided to give it a try.

As soon as the spell hit me, I felt a rush of energy and a strange sensation of being transported to another realm. I was surrounded by swirling patterns and colors that seemed to dance around me, and I felt as though I was floating in a sea of emotions.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a flood of memories and regrets from the historical House of Valois. I saw glimpses of battles and political intrigue, and felt the weight of the family’s struggles and triumphs throughout the centuries.

The experience was overwhelming, but also strangely comforting. I felt a sense of connection to the past, and a renewed appreciation for the power of human emotion.

As I emerged from the spell, I realized that I had been transformed in some fundamental way. My perspective on the world had shifted, and I felt a newfound sense of empathy and compassion for those around me.

I know now that the Valois spell is not just a market asset, but a powerful tool for transformation and growth. I am excited to see how it will continue to shape the future of our society.