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REKT: A Crypto Hallucination by Chris Furlong

Set in the bubble of 2017, REKT is a provocative page-turner that warps its characters to the destabilizing logic of life inside cryptomania. A partnership is tested as a trio of founders struggle to make their stablecoin legit, cash in on opportunity, and navigate what they owe to each other.

Follow Ryan, Nikola and Andy as white collar cons and a hustle at all costs mentality suck them into a complex game of criminal unreality that tests their love, loyalty and mental health. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, but the trio find themselves in conflict and cracking up under pressure.

As a shot at fortune descends into a fight for survival, each twist draws them deeper into chaos. The goal was to get rich, but now the race is on to get out before getting REKT.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 – Diamonds Dollars Gold

Chapter 2 – Barcelona

Chapter 3 – Flight

Chapter 4 – Bizerte

Chapter 5 – Shut Out

Chapter 6 – Frankfurt Bank

Chapter 7 – Rotterdam

Chapter 8 – Amsterdam

Chapter 9 – Liquidation

Chapter 10 – Speculation

Chapter 11 – Rocky Mountain High

Chapter 12 – Word is Bond

Chapter 13 – Goodbye Fritz

Chapter 14 – Serbia, Miami, Slack

Chapter 15 – Missed Calls

Chapter 16 – Volcano

Chapter 17 – Homeward Bound

Chapter 18 – The Meet Up

Chapter 19 – Always on My Mind

Chapter 20 – Ram a Dam

Chapter 21 – Reformation of Money

Chapter 22 – Chicago Andy

Chapter 23 – The Mother We Share

Chapter 24 – Far Gone & Out

Chapter 25 – Thanksgiving

Chapter 26 – Stainless Steel

Chapter 27 – Tarmac United

Chapter 28 – M.I.A

Chapter 29 – Maui Three Times

Chapter 30 – Four Seasons

Chapter 31 – The New Year