Sonny Kumar

Sonny Kumar is the former founder of ImmerCast and former COO of Peared. As a driven and ambitious entrepreneur, Sonny had always been interested in technology and innovation. He had a natural talent for coding and problem-solving, and he spent most of his free time tinkering with computers and electronics.

After graduating from one of India’s prestigious IITs, Sonny moved to the United States to pursue his dream of starting his own technology company. He founded ImmerCast, a startup that focused on developing innovative new software products.

Sonny’s hard work and dedication to his company paid off, and he soon caught the attention of Fox, a large media conglomerate. Fox acquired ImmerCast, and Sonny found himself working for a major corporation. However, he quickly became disillusioned with the corporate world when Fox didn’t do much with ImmerCast, and he longed to return to his roots as an entrepreneur.

Fortunately, his fortunes changed when Peared, another startup, acquired ImmerCast and incorporated its technology into its own products. Peared appointed Sonny as its COO, and he was once again able to focus on the work he loved.

Sonny was known to be someone who would commit entirely to his work, and he often slept at the office in order to avoid distractions. His wife, who also graduated from an IIT, supported his ambition and understood the demands of working in a high-stress environment.

Throughout his time at Peared, Sonny was known for his focus on process and documentation, consensus and collaboration. He was a true team player, and he worked tirelessly to help the company achieve its goals. Despite the long hours and intense pressure, Sonny loved his job, and he was grateful for the opportunity to do the work that he was passionate about.

Troll Operation

When Together and Rizon were getting funded by top VCs and began to steal Peared‘s thunder, Rabbit Wilson tasks Sonny confidentially to “take out” the competition by overwhelming their user/agent pairs using a team of workers based in Tijuana who deliberately provide a bad agent service when connecting with a Together or Rizon user. In this operation, he was assisted by Omar Gomez. The key people who knew about the existence of this operation were Rabbit Wilson and Sonny. Eventually, one of the operators ends up meeting Em Nichols, and she becomes another key figure who learns of its existence.