Ten Ton Tuna

Ten ton tuna render.png

Ten Ton Tuna is a spectral hologram and an emissary for the OSS. Its precise nature is shrouded in mystery, with speculation ranging from it being an avatar of a high-ranking OSS official, an intelligent AI, or even a sentient being of its own. Despite this, Ten Ton Tuna remains a pivotal figure within the OSS and the larger Four Moons of America universe.

Role as Spokesfish for OSS

As the spokesfish for the Only Science Syndicate (OSS), Ten Ton Tuna serves a crucial role in representing the OSS to the wider universe of the Four Moons of America. Its main responsibilities involve diplomatic negotiations, trade deals, and public relations.

The Only Public Face of OSS

The OSS is known for its secretive operations, with members maintaining strict anonymity. As such, Ten Ton Tuna is the only publicly identified figure associated with the OSS. It serves as the official voice and face of the OSS, representing the faction in all public dealings.

This unique position of being the only public-facing figure of the OSS further adds to the enigma surrounding the character. The anonymity of the OSS’s members means that all public perception of the faction is shaped by the actions and demeanor of the Ten Ton Tuna.

Diplomatic Presence on Nexus Station

Ten Ton Tuna also serves as the official OSS representative on Nexus Station, the central diplomatic hub in the Four Moons of America universe. Nexus Station hosts diplomats from all factions, and it is here that major inter-faction negotiations take place.

Ten Ton Tuna’s role on Nexus Station is of paramount importance to the OSS. It negotiates resource deals, secures alliances, and mitigates conflicts, always maneuvering to advance the interests of the OSS. Its sharp intellect, strategic prowess, and uncanny ability to read and manipulate situations make it a formidable presence in this role.

Negotiating for Vantium

One of Ten Ton Tuna’s most significant achievements is its success in negotiating for the critical resource Vantium. Through a mix of diplomacy, cunning, and strategic bargaining, Ten Ton Tuna has secured multiple deals for Vantium, ensuring the OSS’s technological advancement and dominance within the Four Moons of America universe.

In its role as the OSS’s spokesfish, Ten Ton Tuna embodies the faction’s enigmatic nature, strategic acumen, and technological prowess, making it a key character in the rich tapestry of the Four Moons of America universe.

Form and Appearance

The Ten Ton Tuna is an imposing figure in the Four Moons of America universe, appearing as a massive, spectral hologram of a tuna fish. Its digital form, while familiar, possesses an otherworldly quality that instills a sense of awe and intimidation.

Scales of Victory

The most distinctive feature of the Ten Ton Tuna is its shimmering scales. Each scale is a dynamic tableau, reflecting a distinct moment of victory in the OSS’s campaign to control the Four Moons. Some scales flicker with images of intricate diplomatic negotiations ending in OSS’s favor. Others show battles where the OSS emerged victorious, or technological breakthroughs that propelled the OSS forward.

For example, one scale, near the middle of its body, often shows the signing of the Treaty of Venturo, a major diplomatic achievement for the OSS. Another scale, located near its tail, displays the pivotal Battle of Echo Crater, where the OSS successfully repelled an invasion, solidifying their control over their home moon.

Glitches and Shifting Form

Ten Ton Tuna’s holographic form is subject to intermittent glitches, causing it to flicker, shift, and warp in unpredictable ways. These glitches seem to occur more frequently during high-stakes negotiations or moments of tension, adding an extra layer of intrigue and intimidation to its already enigmatic persona.

Eyes and Facial Expressions

Ten Ton Tuna possesses enormous bulging side eyes that seem to scrutinize every detail. These eyes, despite their digital nature, are remarkably expressive. They narrow during negotiations, widen in surprise or intrigue, and even seem to glint with amusement at times.

Mannerisms and False Tells

Despite its lack of a conventional face or body, Ten Ton Tuna displays a variety of digital mannerisms and false tells. It might twitch a fin when bluffing, or its holographic form may ripple slightly when it’s feigning uncertainty. These false tells, however, are often calculated maneuvers, designed to mislead its opponents during negotiations.

Overall, the Ten Ton Tuna’s form and appearance contribute significantly to its reputation as a formidable and enigmatic figure within the Four Moons of America universe.

Personality and Characteristics

Despite its unusual form, Ten Ton Tuna possesses a sharp wit and a formidable intellect. It is known for its cunning statesmanship, often outwitting opponents in negotiations. Ten Ton Tuna displays a cool, calm demeanor, never revealing more than necessary and always keeping its true intentions concealed. Its ability to maintain secrecy and its elusive nature contribute to its mystique and reputation within the Four Moons of America universe.

Theories about Ten Ton Tuna’s Identity

The true identity of Ten Ton Tuna is one of the most intriguing mysteries within the Four Moons of America universe. As a spectral hologram and the spokesfish for the OSS, it has inspired several theories among both players and characters. These theories can be broadly categorized into three main speculations: the Avatar Theory, the Intelligent AI Theory, and the Sentient Being Theory.

Avatar Theory

The Avatar Theory proposes that Ten Ton Tuna is a digital representation, or avatar, of a high-ranking official within the OSS. This theory suggests that the OSS official uses Ten Ton Tuna as a proxy to conduct delicate negotiations and trade deals, allowing them to maintain a certain level of anonymity and security. Proponents of this theory argue that the complex strategies and cunning negotiations exhibited by Ten Ton Tuna reflect the intellect and experience of a seasoned OSS official.

Intelligent AI Theory

The Intelligent AI Theory hypothesizes that Ten Ton Tuna is an advanced artificial intelligence developed by the OSS. Supporters of this theory point to the OSS’s known prowess in technology and AI research. According to this theory, Ten Ton Tuna represents the pinnacle of OSS AI technology, capable of independent thought, complex decision-making, and adaptive negotiation tactics. The AI’s programming could potentially learn and evolve with each negotiation, making it an increasingly formidable diplomat over time.

Sentient Being Theory

Perhaps the most intriguing of the theories, the Sentient Being Theory posits that Ten Ton Tuna is a unique, sentient being created through advanced OSS technology. This theory suggests that the OSS has achieved a significant technological breakthrough, enabling the creation of digital lifeforms with self-awareness and consciousness. Advocates of this theory argue that Ten Ton Tuna’s enigmatic nature, its ability to outwit opponents, and its knack for secrecy hint at a level of consciousness beyond what an AI or an avatar could possess.

Despite the proliferation of these theories, the true nature of Ten Ton Tuna remains a closely guarded secret within the OSS, adding to the character’s mystique and the overall intrigue within the Four Moons of America universe.

Reputation and Legacy within the Four Moons

The Ten Ton Tuna is a figure whose reputation precedes it within the Four Moons of America universe. As the only public face of the OSS and a master diplomat, it has created a legacy that looms large over the game’s lore, shaping the perception of the OSS and influencing the politics of the Four Moons.

Renowned Diplomat

Ten Ton Tuna’s diplomatic prowess is renowned throughout the Four Moons. It has negotiated numerous treaties, averted potential wars, and brokered trade deals that have tipped the scales in favor of the OSS. Its ability to navigate complex political landscapes and to turn tense standoffs into opportunities for the OSS has earned it a reputation for being a formidable and shrewd negotiator.

One of its most notable diplomatic achievements was the negotiation of the Treaty of Venturo, a complex agreement that established OSS’s control over Vantium reserves on their home moon. This move not only secured a critical resource for the OSS but also positioned the faction as a leading force within the Four Moons of America universe.

Memorable Interactions and Exploits

Ten Ton Tuna’s encounters with various characters have resulted in some of the most memorable moments in the game’s lore. Its interactions with the character Xander, in particular, have been pivotal in shaping the narrative of the OSS’s campaign.

In one such encounter, Xander, in an attempt to settle a debt with the OSS, negotiates with Ten Ton Tuna. Despite being outmatched, Xander manages to strike a deal that benefits both parties, a testament to Ten Ton Tuna’s fairness and strategic acumen. This negotiation is now referred to as “Xander’s Gambit,” a classic example of the intricate diplomacy and high-stakes deals in the Four Moons of America universe.

Respected and Feared

Ten Ton Tuna’s reputation is a mix of respect and fear. While its diplomatic skills and strategic thinking have earned it admiration, its relentless pursuit of the OSS’s interests and its mysterious nature have also made it a figure of fear. There are countless stories and rumors circulating about Ten Ton Tuna, some portraying it as a benevolent negotiator, others as a ruthless enforcer of the OSS’s will.


Ten Ton Tuna’s legacy, much like its existence, is larger than life. Its actions and decisions have significantly shaped the OSS’s position and the wider geopolitical landscape of the Four Moons. As the game continues to evolve, Ten Ton Tuna’s influence remains a constant, its legacy echoing through the moons and the seas of America.