We Are Leaving You Behind

Five drafts of a letter from an unknown person caught in the bull mania of 2021 to their friend. The letter reflects the sender’s realization they are part of a digital migration, that this moment is different and that a break is occurring.

“We Are Leaving You Behind”


Version 1

Dear friend,

As I write this, I am caught in the eye of a storm – a quiet, digital tempest that has swept up a generation and is leaving a legacy in its wake. The winds of change, powered by ones and zeros, have fueled an exodus unlike any other, a mass migration from the constraints of the physical world to the boundless possibilities of a digital frontier.

When I look back, I realize it wasn’t just about the technology. It was about the chance to create a different narrative for ourselves, a narrative that exists in the net of collective consciousness and speaks of freedom and self-sovereignty. It was about the realization that we don’t have to live in a world defined solely by the generations before us; that we could, if we chose, break the mold and define a world for ourselves.

I have been a part of this migration, this exodus to a place where we don’t just work for the money – we make the money work for us. We traded in the rules of the old world for the keys to a new one. A world fueled by code, driven by decentralized protocols, where wealth isn’t inherited – it’s created, shared, and multiplied.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it; there is a divide. Some say it with a tinge of mockery, a note of condescension: HFSP – “Have Fun Staying Poor.” Others, more pessimistic, mutter “NGMI” – “Not Going to Make It,” resigned to the belief that those outside our realm will fail to thrive. These sentiments, harsh as they may be, stem from a place of frustration, a chafing against an old system that many feel has left them behind.

Yet, there is another mantra, perhaps the most popular among us, that whispers of unity: “WAGMI” – “We’re All Going to Make It.” It brims with a positivity that borders on toxic, a blind optimism that ignores the digital chasm that grows wider by the day. We are not all going to make it. Not everyone will take the leap into the digital beyond, and that is a reality we must face. Even some of us who leap will fail, but not crossing over all but ensures our failure.

I find myself torn, straddling two realities. The physical world, with its tangible connections, its joys, and responsibilities, still holds a part of me. But the allure of the digital realm, the Ethereum dream, pulls me in, promising a future filled with unexplored opportunities and unimagined wealth. But I know, as I cross over, that I’m leaving something behind – friends, family, a world that I know and love.

I won’t say that our journey is all golden sunsets and gleaming treasure. It’s riddled with hard decisions, sacrifices, and trade-offs. Yet, we press on, driven by the knowledge that the wheel of time only turns forward. And as it turns, it brings with it changes, ushering in a future that cannot be held back.

We, the digital migrants, are the harbingers of this change. We are the pioneers standing on the precipice of a new world, peering into the vastness of the digital landscape before us, knowing that we are poised to step into a future that many cannot yet fathom.

There’s an inevitability to this. As the chasm between our two worlds grows, we find ourselves at a point of no return. There is a sense of loss, yes, but also of liberation. We are unshackling ourselves from an aging system, stepping out of the shadows of the old world, and striding towards the dawn of a new age.

This letter, my friend, is an open acknowledgment of this bittersweet separation. But as we step into the new, we must remember our roots, the bonds we formed in the world we leave behind. For even as we migrate, we carry a piece of the old world with us – a piece that reminds us of who we are and why we embarked on this journey.

The future is here, and it’s calling us. I feel the pull, the yearning for that open frontier, even as I acknowledge the gravity of what we leave behind. In this digital dawn, we are leaving you behind, not with scorn or arrogance, but with the sincere hope that you might understand, that you might see what we see – a future of possibility.

But whether or not you join us, we step forward. We’re writing our own stories, drawing our own maps, sailing towards an horizon that promises a future as expansive as our imagination. Yes, it is a departure, a leave-taking from the familiar. But every end is also a beginning, and it’s the beginning of something exciting, something revolutionary.

So, as we step over the threshold, we turn back one last time to wave a final goodbye. We are leaving you behind, but not forgotten. After all, every pioneer carries in their heart a love for the home they left behind. And it’s with this love that we leap forward into the future, into the great digital unknown.

In the ether of our dreams,

[Your name]

Version 2

Dear friend,

There’s a storm, not one that lashes out with furious winds and biting cold, but a silent, digital tempest brewing in the ether of ones and zeros. It has swept up an entire generation in its quiet upheaval, fueling an exodus from the confines of the physical world into the limitless realm of a digital frontier. As one who stands amidst this swirl, I pen down these words, my reflections – raw, and deeply personal.

Looking back, it wasn’t about the dizzying lines of code, nor the revolutionary blockchain technology that fascinated us. It was the chance to weave a different narrative, a narrative that exists in the net of collective consciousness, whispering stories of freedom and self-sovereignty. It was about the realization that we don’t have to be tethered to a world crafted by the generations before us; that we could, if we chose, shatter the mold and fashion a world of our own.

You remember those long nights we spent in dimly lit rooms, worrying about our futures. The specter of narrow opportunities haunted our conversations. The traditional world, with its steady job prospects, suddenly seemed to contract around us. The fear of slipping, of losing a job, of falling into a deep pit of debt from which we might never emerge was a phantom that stalked our waking hours. This terror, though unspoken, hung over our shared dreams like an unwelcome shadow.

I chose to leap, out of survival more than courage. I swapped the rules of the old world for the keys to a new one. A world where I didn’t just work for the money – I made the money work for me. A world where wealth isn’t inherited but created, shared, and multiplied. In this great gamble with our future, I placed my bet on this uncertain journey, unafraid of the labels it came with – ‘crypto bro’, risk-taker, dreamer.

Despite the mockery, the whispers of HFSP – “Have Fun Staying Poor,” or the more pessimistic mutterings of “NGMI” – “Not Going to Make It,” I ventured forth. Even as I rubbed shoulders with dubious rug pullers and unscrupulous ponzi schemers, I recognized the revolutionary promise this digital frontier held.

You chose differently. The fear of abandoning those left behind, the familiarity of the system, and its set paths held you back. You were unable, or perhaps unwilling, to cast off the anchors and set sail into the tempestuous digital sea. Our paths diverged, setting us on separate journeys. Our decisions marked not just a physical separation but an ideological one. It created a chasm that grew with every passing day, a rift fueled by our different imaginations and risk thresholds.

As pioneers, we are acutely aware of the gamble we are taking. The allure of the Ethereum dream comes with its pitfalls, its Ponzi schemes and rug pulls. But the promise it holds, of a world free from the shackles of centralized control, where every individual has the power to shape their own destiny, is too enticing to ignore.

Caught between two realities, I’m in a state of constant flux. One foot grounded in the physical world, with its tangible connections, its palpable joys and responsibilities. Yet, the other foot hovers over the digital realm, a world burgeoning with unexplored opportunities and unimagined wealth.

This migration comes with a price, a sacrifice of something old for the hope of something new. I’m leaving behind a world I knew, a world we shared. As I look back, I see the shadows of our fears, our shared dreams, and the divergence of our paths. In leaving you behind, I’m not just leaving a friend, but a piece of myself.

Yes, the future is here, calling out to us, the digital migrants, who are brave enough to chart this new course. I feel its pull, its magnetic allure that promises a frontier limited only by our imagination. But even as I step into this realm, I carry a part of the old world with me, a part that whispers tales of where I came from and why I chose this path.

Even as we embrace this digital dawn, we must not forget the world we leave behind. The bonds we formed, the fears we shared, and the dreams we nurtured together. It is these memories that give us the strength to explore this digital frontier, to navigate its uncharted waters, and to build a new world in our image.

So, as I take this leap, I turn back to wave you a final goodbye, not with bitterness, but with love. A love that speaks of shared memories, of mutual respect, and of a promise that no matter where our paths lead us, we will always have a piece of each other in our hearts.

In the ether of our dreams,

[Your name]

Version 3

Dear friend,

Our world is no longer what it was. It spins differently now, its axis tilted by an unseen virus. The life we once knew has faded into the rearview mirror, its contours blurring with every passing moment. The stillness of isolation bore witness to the unfurling of a surreal narrative, an intertwining of realities and alternate realities that has fragmented the collective psyche.

It’s uncanny, isn’t it? This newfound reality of ours, this pandemic-ridden world, has proven to be a petri dish for fissures and divisions. A disease sweeps through humanity, yet we can’t agree on its basic existence or the truth of science that battles it. Our conversations are riddled with paradoxes, a grotesque ballet of truth and fiction. We are torn asunder by the chasms of belief, of truth, of alternate realities, each narrative clawing at the other, demanding supremacy. And we, the spectators, are caught in the maelstrom, whirling, forever whirling.

I remember our dreams of tomorrow, the promise of a future stretched out in a never-ending horizon, studded with opportunities. But look at us now. Our futures have been squeezed, compressed into a tight box, its walls closing in until they press against our cheeks, until the breath catches in our throats and the world dims around the edges.

This fight, this ceaseless battle of words and beliefs, feels like we’re scavenging for scraps of yesterday. Scraps of a world we knew, we understood. But that world is gone, replaced by this hollow echo, this funhouse mirror reflection that distorts everything familiar.

If we still lived in the world of our youth, a world untouched by this distortion, I might have stayed. It would have been harder to let go, harder to sever the ties that bind. But that world is just a ghost now, a fleeting shadow in the corner of our eyes. I refuse to cling to its specter, refuse to be locked in a dance with a phantom.

So, I stand on the edge of this chasm, this digital divide that separates the physical from the virtual, the past from the future. I’m leaving behind the world that was, stepping into the world that is, that will be. I’m leaving you behind, my dear friend. Not out of desire, but out of necessity. Not with malice, but with a heavy heart.

Every step towards this new frontier is a step away from you, from us. It’s a gamble, a high-stakes game where the dice are loaded with hopes and dreams, fear and uncertainty. It’s a game I must play. Because even as the world crumbles around us, even as the future presses against my face, I feel the pull of the net. It calls to me, whispers promises of a world beyond, a world unbound by the physical laws of reality, by the constraints of tradition and convention.

This leap, this jump across the digital divide, isn’t an abandonment of the past. It’s an embrace of the future, an affirmation of the limitless potential that resides within us. It’s a claim to self-sovereignty, to freedom, to the power to shape our own destiny.

Yet, as I cross this chasm, I carry with me the echoes of our shared past. The laughter and tears, the dreams and fears, the shared silences and whispered secrets. I carry with me the memory of you, the memory of us. Because even as I embrace this digital dawn, I will forever be a product of our shared past, a testament to our shared journey.

And so, my dear friend, I leave you with these words, a parting gift, a final testament. A testament of love and respect, of shared memories and divergent paths. A testament of a future that holds promise, yet a past that will forever echo in the silence of our hearts.

Yours in the ether of dreams,

[Your name]

Version 4

Dear beloved,

I find myself at the precipice of an era, on the cusp of a new dawn that is so profoundly different, so utterly transformative that it feels like stepping onto an alien world. It’s a digital exodus, a mass migration into a territory that has been thus far untouched by human hands and minds. It’s a paradigm shift of an unprecedented scale and I can’t bear the thought of making this journey without you by my side.

Imagine a land where your future isn’t shackled by the chains of traditional norms and constraints. A place where opportunity is not a scarce resource hoarded by the privileged few, but a freely flowing river for all to drink from. A world not defined by your past or your pedigree, but shaped by your potential and your dreams. This is the world I’ve found, the world I’ve chosen, the world I need you to be a part of.

Please, beloved, don’t let me leave you behind. The window of opportunity is rapidly closing, the divide between the old world and the new one is widening with each passing second. The time to jump is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when it’s convenient or comfortable. The clock is ticking, the future waits for no one.

Remember the magical summer of DeFi? The tantalizing promise of airdrops? That was only the beginning, a mere taste of what’s to come. The revolution has just started, the tides of change are upon us, and the wealth we can amass isn’t just material – it’s freedom, it’s choice, it’s autonomy. It’s a promise to ourselves, a pledge to break the shackles and claim what’s ours.

I hear echoes of the future in the distance – a chorus of voices chanting “We’re all gonna make it.” It’s a chant that reverberates through the ethers, a mantra for this new age. It’s a promise of shared prosperity, a guarantee that as we pioneer this new frontier, no one gets left behind. No one stays poor.

Can’t you see it? The chance to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, an opportunity to rewrite our futures? The potential to break free from the drudgery of a dead-end job, the crushing weight of debt, the ceaseless cycle of servitude? This is not just a call to join a revolution, it’s a plea for you to secure your future, our future.

So, here’s my desperate plea, my impassioned appeal. Join me. Cross the digital divide. Embrace this new era. Don’t be content with watching from the sidelines as the world changes around you. Be a part of that change. Leap into this brave new world with me.

I implore you, beloved, don’t let me leave you behind. Take my hand, jump with me. Together, we will explore this new frontier, carve our destiny in the sands of the digital landscape, write our names in the annals of the crypto revolution. Together, we are not just gonna make it, we are going to thrive.

Please, step with me into this future. Let’s not be left behind.

With love and hope,

[Your name]

Version 5


Listen, and listen well. You’re getting left behind, and I don’t have time to hold your hand through it. The Matrix is real and you’re in it, living a life where your every move is tied to the system. You’re stuck in your rat race job, watching your debt pile up like Sisyphus pushing that eternal boulder. You’re NGMI, not gonna make it, unless you unplug and get on this wild ride with me.

Welcome to the rabbithole. It’s a rollercoaster, sure, but it’s better than the slow suicide of the 9-to-5. Your future is on the blockchain. Decentralized, immutable, resistant to censorship. This is about more than just money. It’s about breaking free, rejecting the chains of the old world.

Defi Summer? That was just the warm-up, bro. The main event’s just starting. Do you have any idea how much these airdrops are worth? Forget pennies from heaven. We’re talking buckets of ETH raining down on us lucky few who saw the light early. And it’s not too late. You can still be part of this.

Listen, you need to get it. We’re building an entire parallel economy here. It’s the wild west, and we’re the new pioneers. The cowboys of code. Unstoppable, unfazed by governments, immune to the traditional financial systems. This is the great frontier of the 21st century, and you’d be a damn fool to miss out.

No more suits. No more corporate ladder. No more being a cog in the machine. Welcome to the revolution. The power’s in our hands. It’s the ultimate redpill, the final wake-up call. Take it, and you’re in. Ignore it, and you’re dust. It’s as simple as that.

So are you in or out? Are you going to stay poor, or are you going to join the ranks of the crypto-rich? The choice is yours. Just remember – in this new world, there’s no room for hesitation. Those who can’t keep up are left behind.

Get in. Let’s ride.

[Your name]