In 2001, Starholder unraveled amid California’s energy chaos and the seismic shifts of 9/11, weaving a compelling narrative of crisis, vulnerability, and the indomitable human spirit’s quest for renewal.

The Year In Review:

In 2001, the Starholder timeline navigated through a series of profound disruptions, encapsulated in narratives that blend local crises with global tragedies. The year opened under the shadow of California’s energy crisis, masterfully depicted in “Nine Hundred Foot,” where corporate manipulation by the likes of Enron plunged the state into a chaotic dance of blackouts. This story sets a somber tone for the year, illustrating a sharp critique of power misuse and its ripple effects on ordinary lives.

As the year progressed, “I Went In” captured the jarring dissonance of September 11th, transforming an ordinary day into a fragmented tableau of personal and communal disquiet. This narrative peeled back layers of daily routine to reveal a deep-seated vulnerability, leaving a lasting impression of the day’s surreal and unsettling impact.

Meanwhile, “Birds of the Green Nile” spanned the pre and post-9/11 landscape, beginning as a vibrant gathering of Los Angeles’ creative and intellectual communities in Griffith Park. What started as an artistic and philosophical symposium morphed into a profound reflection on tragedy, resilience, and renewal. This shift from celebration to introspection offers a compelling view of how communities metabolize disaster and seek meaning in the aftermath.

Taken together, the tales from 2001 foster a rich, introspective dive into a society grappling with the interplay of unexpected disruptions and the enduring quest for stability and meaning. Each story threads through the year’s pivotal events, showcasing the resilience required to navigate the complexities of an evolving world, marked by both darkness and the potential for transformative growth.

Articles and Topics:

  • Nine Hundred Foot
    The year was 2001, the dawn of the new millennium. California was plunged into a vortex of blackouts and browns-outs, the frenzied dance of the power grid teetering on the brink of collapse. It was a game played by suits in glass towers, Enron, the puppeteer pulling the strings, and the state, their marionette, dancing …
  • I Went In
    In that time of shattered loops and scrambled normalcy, the morning routine took on a strange, surreal quality. The bleary-eyed stumble into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee, the absentminded flick of the remote to tune into the morning news, it all seemed to take place underwater. The light from the TV cast …
  • Birds Of The Green Nile
    In the late summer of 2001, a peculiar assembly gathered in the urban wilderness of Griffith Park, a locus carved within the sprawling expanse of Los Angeles. The occasion, a reunion of sorts, a parade of the unseen artisans of Hollywood’s mirage and the Valley’s eclectic seers, epitomized the city’s irresistible incongruity. The players? They …