In 2009, Starholder explores the intricate tapestry of creation, virtual conflicts, and timeless connections, weaving a narrative rich with cosmic engineering, digital battlegrounds, and poignant reunions.

The Year In Review:

In 2009, the Starholder timeline delves into profound narratives that offer a glimpse into the intricate weaving of reality and fiction, embodying tales of the esoteric and the modern battles within virtual realms. The eclectic mix of stories ranging from “Worlds Within Walt,” “Time To Throw Down,” and “Lightfoot,” unveils a year exploring the boundaries of creation, digital confrontation, and lost loves rekindled against serene backdrops.

“Worlds Within Walt” plunges into the existential journey of a worldbuilder, a master of universes within the scope of his mind and yet a solitary figure against a backdrop of endless creation. This tale channels the essence of Starholder’s thematic core—creation and impact of alternate realities, reflecting the profound responsibility and isolation that comes with such power. The narrative encapsulates the struggle of balancing the enormity of creative potential with the personal toll it exacts on the creator.

Meanwhile, “Time To Throw Down” captures a lighter, yet comparably intense universe where digital battlegrounds host real rivalries. Nick Valdez, Nebraska’s digital poet and video game gladiator, finds himself locked in virtual combat against a formidable rival, illustrating the increasingly blurred lines between digital and physical personas and conflicts. This story offers a dynamic contrast to the introspective tone of creation in “Worlds Within Walt,” presenting a vibrant, albeit competitive, engagement within digital landscapes.

In the quietly unfolding narrative of “Lightfoot,” the focus shifts to a more intimate canvas, where forgotten romances re-emerge in a quaint café by the river. Here, personal histories intersect with the passage of time, weaving a poignant reminder of the enduring nature of human connection and the pain and beauty of revisiting past love.

Collectively, these narratives from 2009 present a layered exploration of the Starholder themes, from the cosmic to the intimate, each strand interwoven to reflect on the powers of creation, the vigor of digital life, and the timeless pursuit of human connection. The year becomes a reflection of diverse experiences and emotions, compellingly encapsulated in stories that resonate deeply with the human and metaphysical elements of the ever-expanding Starholder universe.

Articles and Topics:

  • Worlds Within Walt
    The worldbuilder, a solitary silhouette etched against a cosmos of tales, navigated the silent, snaking pathways of a labyrinth composed of a myriad of stories. He was a universe engineer, wrestling with the titanic enormity of Creation itself, each strand of narrative yielding an individual cosmos within the greater weave. The world he was tasked …
  • Time To Throw Down
    You don’t find your enemy; your enemy finds you. Valdez, Nick, Nebraska’s digital poet and video game gladiator, he’s found his enemy. A rival Call of Duty clan, a group ironically known as the “Peas Brigade,” led by a guy called Ferginator, who’s almost famous on MySpace for his Black Eyed Peas mashups. You don’t choose your …
  • Lightfoot
    At the crook of the meandering river, where the dying sun christens the water’s edge with a golden sheen, a quaint café hums softly with life. In that quiet nook of the world, two souls, entangled by the threads of a forgotten love story, converge. The specters of their past selves, an old flame that …