In 2013, Starholder captures a year of political transformation and digital extremes, where calls for new world orders and dizzying pop culture redefine societal boundaries.

The Year In Review:

In 2013, the Starholder timeline ventures boldly into realms of societal transformation and cultural critique, as represented in the evocative narratives of “Menlo Manifesto” and “BitGang Records.” These stories interweave to illustrate a year punctuated by calls for systemic change and the whimsical reality of a society caught in the digital flux.

“Menlo Manifesto” declares a sharp critique of traditional systems—highlighting the shortcomings of bureaucracy and political power structures—through a visionary call for a new world order. This provocative manifesto challenges the legacy of political dynasties like the Bushes and Clintons, casting them as mere facades over deceit and stagnation. The manifesto’s bold proclamations reflect a broader disquiet within the Starholder society, where citizens, increasingly disillusioned by old guard politics, clamor for a foundation built upon transparency, innovation, and equity.

Amidst this backdrop of serious social and political discourse, “BitGang Records” captures a snapshot of the zeitgeist in a lighter, yet deeply telling manner. It portrays 2013 as a year vibrant with the absurdities of internet culture—where viral phenomena like Gangnam Style parodies coexist with game-changing events like the emergence of Bitcoin and the explosive revelations of Edward Snowden. This narrative offers a poignant commentary on the rapidly shifting digital landscape that defines personal and collective identities in new, often challenging ways.

Together, these stories from 2013 paint a dynamic picture of a year caught between profound geopolitical shifts and the peculiar daily realities of living in a highly digitized, constantly evolving world. This juxtaposition in Starholder underscores the year as a pivotal moment where the drive for deep, foundational changes in governance and societal structures meets the frenetic pace of digital and pop culture, each influencing the other in profound ways.

Articles and Topics:

  • Menlo Manifesto
    A Vision for a New World Order The Fallacy of the Past Our world stands at a critical juncture. The ways of the past, entrenched in bureaucracy, political dynasties, and financial greed, are crumbling. The age of the Bushes and Clintons, marked by complacency and stagnation, has proven to be a grand illusion, a façade masking a …
  • BitGang Records
    Okay, let’s try to remember 2013 for a second. It’s harder than you think, right? That’s because everything was so hyperbolically, cartoonishly NOW. It was a time of Gangnam Style parodies, newly minted Bitcoin millionaires, and Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks dominating the headlines. It was a time when we were trying to figure out if …