In 2032, Starholder delves into a digital-physical hybrid world in “The Sugary Slickness of Promises” and tracks the rise of a crypto evangelist in “All Would Be Chance.”

Chance Norwood

The Year In Review:

In 2032, Starholder vividly captures the evolving digital landscape through two compelling narratives: “The Sugary Slickness of Promises” and “All Would Be Chance.”

“The Sugary Slickness of Promises” immerses readers in a digital-physical hybrid world, where a young man sits on the cusp of a seamlessly integrated digital ocean, illustrating the blurring lines between virtual and tangible realities. This narrative explores personal isolation and connection within a digital frontier, highlighting the existential challenges and introspections that arise as life increasingly intertwines with virtual environments.

Conversely, “All Would Be Chance” focuses on Chance Norwood, a charismatic figure who rises to prominence through the booming crypto and NFT markets. As a digital evangelist, Chance embodies the dynamic shift in how value and influence are cultivated in the modern economy. His story reflects the cultural and economic transformations driven by digital finance, portraying the allure and dangers of the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Together, these stories in 2032 explore the profound impacts of digital culture on personal identity and societal structures, offering a deep dive into how individuals navigate and adapt to these changes. The narratives highlight a world where the distinction between digital and physical is increasingly ambiguous, challenging characters to find balance and meaning amid the sweeping transformations of the digital age.

Articles and Topics:

  • The sugary slickness of promises
    City sky had come down like rain, a silver deluge sluicing through silicon alleyways and circuit board cul-de-sacs, cascading into the digital sea. The boy, or was it a man? – time was a slippery thing here – sat at the edge of the world where pixelated waves met the sand. A shack stood behind …
  • All Would Be Chance
    In the incandescent glow of the Pixel Emporium, Chance Norwood had an air about him. A post-modern Prosperity Gospel Evangelist, born not in the pew-lined sanctuaries of the American South, but in the frenzied digital forums of NFT marketplaces and crypto subreddits. His previous life as an NFT trader had served him well, too well …