In 2033, Starholder portrays gripping personal stories against a backdrop of severe climate change, as characters like Almond Al ponder existential questions under a corroded sky, capturing their deep personal reckonings and resilience.

Almond Al’s Joint

The Year In Review:

In 2033, the Starholder timeline is enriched with intriguing narratives that delve into complex societal and environmental issues, examining scenarios that resonate deeply with contemporary global concerns.

The interactive mystery “Terrace Me to Death” introduces a gripping storyline set against the backdrop of extreme climate conditions. The narrative begins in a city grappling with the severe impacts of climate change, including intense heatwaves and rising sea levels, which are deteriorating infrastructure and altering lives. This setting lays the groundwork for a deep dive into societal resilience, adaptation strategies, and the haunting beauty of human perseverance in the face of overwhelming environmental challenges.

Within this narrative, societal tensions are further explored in “Almond Al’s Joint.” Almond Al, the character at the center of this tale, reflects on the universe from his porch, embracing a moment of nostalgia and cosmic reflection. This scenario contemplates the broader existential questions of individual roles within the vast expanse of the universe and the intimate connections to our environment that shape our perceptions and experiences.

The exploration extends into new forms of living and interacting in the digitized and environmentally stressed world of 2033. Starholder’s portrayal of these narratives not only underscores the challenges posed by the physical and digital transformations but also highlights the innovative spirit and the adaptive responses of societies navigating through these profound shifts.

Each story from 2033 serves as a vignette within a greater canvas, illustrating a year where humanity’s resilience is tested against the backdrop of ecological degradation and societal evolution. These intertwined tales invite reflection on our current trajectory and potential future, making 2033 a defining year in the Starholder timeline for its profound narrative depth and poignant exploration of contemporary themes.

Articles and Topics:

  • Terrace Me To Death
    Note: The story below is a setup for an interactive mystery. It ends on a breakthrough in the case, setting up a direction for future exploration and completion. It’s the year 2033, and there’s an extreme heat wave. The metal on the condos by the ocean is rusting prematurely due to the corrosion from the rising …
  • Almond Al’s Joint
    Almond Al reclined on his porch, a joint in one hand and a hot cup of tea in the other. The sky was a clear expanse, the stars were the artist’s specks of light, scattered across the inky black. But Al’s gaze was fixed on one celestial body, the full moon, an eerie thin orange …