Explore 2039 in Starholder: A year of digital drugs, mythic dramas, and ethical AI quandaries, weaving technology and storytelling into the very fabric of human experience.

Bust of Chopped Dionysus

The Year In Review:

In the year 2039, the Starholder timeline unfolded rich narratives and technological innovations that profoundly shaped its cultural and socio-political landscapes. Among these, Phaedrus stands out as a landmark creation. This digital drug, designed by the enigmatic Chopped Dionysus, provided users with an amplified connectivity, creating a shared space of glamour and visual delight. More than just a drug, Phaedrus symbolized the convergence of art and technology, pushing the boundaries of what communal experiences within a digital framework could look like.

Simultaneously, the virtual realm was captivated by the tales of Xander Veritas, a non-playable character in the video game “Four Moons of America.” Known for his complex sagas of survival and moral dilemmas, Xander’s storyline in “Mr Snuggles and the Smuggler’s Run” resonated deeply with themes of resilience and trauma. His character became a cultural touchstone, exploring the darker, yet profoundly human aspects of navigating through lawless spaces, making him much more than just a figure in a game.

Parallel to the rise of new digital experiences, the “Wrath of Harmonia” reinvigorated old literary styles by presenting a narrative steeped in the tradition of Greek drama. This story explored themes of diplomacy and wrath within a mythical framework, resonating with the modern-day dilemmas of balancing dialogue with action in international politics and personal interactions. It was a reflection on how ancient storytelling could still illuminate modern conflicts and choices.

Further enriching the cultural fabric of Starholder was the intriguing concept of the Culture Broker from the game “The Four Moons of America.” This character, driven by the trade of emotions within a simulated environment, mirrored the real-world commodification of personal experiences and emotions, especially prevalent in the realms of social media. It served as a critical reflection on how even the most intimate human experiences can be objectified and traded in new digital economies.

The narrative canvas of 2039 was further broadened by the speculative work “Valois – An Immortality Project.” This novel tackled the ethical frontiers of AI and human longevity, probing into the desirability and consequences of life extension through artificial means. It questioned the obligations and moral responsibilities we hold towards future generations in our relentless pursuit of immortality, providing a philosophical and ethical critique of the techno-utopian visions that often dominate discussions around AI.

Overall, 2039 in the Starholder timeline was a year of deep reflection and innovation, marked by developments that questioned and expanded the roles technology and storytelling play in shaping human experiences. These narratives and creations not only pushed technological and artistic boundaries but also prompted introspection about the future directions of human society in an increasingly digitized world. As the year closed, it was evident that the residents of Starholder were moving towards a future where the lines between virtual and reality are not just blurred but intertwined, promising a complex but exciting horizon.‍‍

Articles and Topics:

  • Xander Veritas
    Xander Veritas is a non-playable character (NPC) in the Four Moons of America game. He is a human smuggler known for his charm, wit, and cunning. His reputation for completing dangerous missions and his network of allies and enemies throughout the galaxy make him a compelling character in the game. Appearance Xander stands at 6’2″ with a lean and …
  • Warth Of Harmonia
    The Wrath of Harmonia tells the tale of the wise and diplomacy oriented moon drawn to anger and forced to act against the solar flare Prometheus. The tale is as old as myth coming from the classical age of the metaverse’s history and written in the voice and style of a Greek drama. Act I: The …
  • Valois
    Valois – An Immortality Project (working title) is a work in progress novel that explores the ethical implications of AI, our desire to live on after our death, and our obligations to our children. It is part of a larger effort called the Starholder project which investigates low probability, high impact events which have the possibility to reorient …
  • Phaedrus (Drug)
    Overview Phaedrus (stylized as PHAEDRUS) is a digital drug created in 2039 by the anonymous artist and hacker known as Chopped Dionysus. Phaedrus is designed as a networked amplification of glamour, intended to elevate the hivemind of its users onto a plane of spectacle and visual delight. Phaedrus is not only a digital drug, but also a …
  • Mr Snuggles and the Smuggler’s Run
    Xander Veritas was a man who had seen the dark corners of the universe and survived. He carried the weight of a thousand stories etched into the lines on his face, the scars that marked his body, and the ghosts that haunted his dreams. The cosmos had tried to crush him, to snuff out the flickering …
  • Culture Broker
    This short story first appeared on Stealcam as memories 16377 & 16388. It was co-written with GPT4 exploring the concept of an NPC who trades emotions within a simulated grand strategy game called The Four Moons of America. Part One Parch sat in a dim corner booth at the Luna Lounge, nursing a highball. Neon cast shifting colors …