Venture into 2072 in Starholder: A year defined by ideological confrontations, profound personal journeys, and corporate ambitions, all under the watchful gaze of the enigmatic Second Moon.

The Year In Review:

The year 2072 in the Starholder timeline is marked by intense ideological battles, personal struggles, and groundbreaking corporate maneuvers as society navigates the continuing impact of the mysterious Second Moon. The year unfolds beneath the extended shadow of this celestial anomaly, influencing political, personal, and professional spheres in profound and sometimes disturbing ways.

In Austin, Texas, a significant meeting takes place, involving key figures of the neoconservative movement. This gathering, dubbed the “War on God,” revolves around strategic discussions aimed at deciphering and harnessing the societal shifts triggered by the Second Moon’s appearance. The conversations reflect a deep-seated desire to control or influence the narrative surrounding this event, viewing it as a pivotal opportunity to reaffirm certain ideological stances in the face of a society that is increasingly questioning traditional structures and beliefs.

Parallel to the political machinations, the year also delves into the personal story of Selene, as portrayed in “Shadows of Selene.” In the confines of a therapist’s office, far removed from the political arenas, Selene’s interactions with Dr. Lara Mendel unveil the psychological and emotional toll of living in a world where reality is constantly questioned. Her character’s journey underscores the broader theme of seeking truth and stability in an era dominated by profound uncertainty and the pervasive influence of the hyperreal.

Meanwhile, the corporate world sees significant developments with the rise of Celestial Scientific, a corporation that quickly capitalizes on the intrigue and scientific potential presented by the Second Moon. The company’s aggressive pursuits not only highlight the economic opportunities afforded by the new celestial body but also exemplify the commodification of cosmic phenomena—turning scientific inquiry into a spectator sport fueled by public fascination and fear.

These strands of political ambition, personal search for meaning, and corporate opportunism intertwine throughout 2072, painting a complex portrait of a world grappling with unprecedented challenges. The fabric of society is tested as each sector—political, individual, and corporate—reacts to and tries to make sense of the continuing mysteries of the Second Moon. The year reflects a tension between exploitation and exploration, control and understanding, each playing out against the backdrop of a society ever more entangled with virtual realities and existential questions.

As 2072 draws to a close, the impacts of these events create ripples that promise to shape the future interactions and understandings of the Starholder society. With the omnipresent Second Moon as a catalyst, the year challenges characters, institutions, and indeed the whole of humanity to confront their beliefs, fears, and ambitions in a world where the lines between the cosmic, the virtual, and the real are increasingly blurred.

Articles and Topics:

  • War On God
    On an unseasonably warm night in Austin, Texas, four men gathered in an opulent suite in the heart of the city. These were not ordinary men, but pillars of a movement that commanded the pulse of America – the neoconservative movement. Their private conclave had been convened for a single purpose – to decipher the …
  • Shadows Of Selene
    In the windowless world of her therapy office, Dr. Lara Mendel was meeting her newest patient, Selene. Selene, a woman in her late thirties with sharp, angular features and ebony hair, had been referred to Lara by a colleague. Her fragile composure was a stark contrast to the well-maintained professional attire she wore. Selene spoke hesitantly …
  • Celestial Scientific
    Celestial Scientific (CSCI) is a corporation that gained notoriety following the Second Moon Event of 2070. This event, marked by the sudden appearance of a celestial body dubbed the ‘Second Moon’ in Earth’s orbit, led to a global shift in scientific and economic paradigms. Seizing upon the public’s fascination and the uncertainty surrounding the Second …