In 2019, Starholder explores the impact of VR innovations in medicine through Anslem Devices and reveals the intricate thoughts of tech mogul Viktor Recel, underscoring a year where technology reshapes personal and professional landscapes.

With Regret -The Letters of Viktor Recel

The Year In Review:

In 2019, the Starholder timeline engages deeply with themes of technological pervasiveness and the complexities within the social fabric of its universe, captured through the lives and activities unfolding around “Anslem Devices” and the insightful “With Regret – The Letters of Viktor Recel”.

“Anslem Devices”, founded this year, leaps to the forefront of virtual reality technology, specifically tailored for medical training. This startup rapidly evolves into the leading system for realistic and precise medical simulations, significantly impacting medical education and procedures. The narrative not only underscores the influential rise of a new technological player but also dramatizes the broader implications for healthcare and technological integration within professional fields .

Parallelly, “With Regret – The Letters of Viktor Recel” offers a more personal glance into the thoughts and philosophies of a reclusive tech tycoon, Viktor Recel. Through his poignant and candid letters, readers gain access to a mind grappling with the intersections of technology, power, and human engagement. Recel’s correspondences reveal his disdain for incompetence and his unapologetic navigation through the tech-dominated era, providing a reflective mirror to the broader societal dealings with technology and power.

These two narratives from 2019 blend to depict a year where technological advances profoundly intersect with personal and professional realities, highlighting the ongoing dialogue between human capacities and technological innovation. This interplay points to a broader exploration within Starholder of how deeply technology is woven into the fabric of daily life, altering perceptions, professions, and personal interactions.

Articles and Topics:

  • With Regret – The Letters of Viktor Recel
    With Regret – The Letters of Viktor Recel is a captivating anthology of correspondences authored by the elusive tech tycoon, Viktor Recel. The collection offers a unique window into Recel’s mind, revealing his sharp wit, his intolerance for incompetence, and his unapologetic candor. Each letter, addressed to a different recipient, showcases Recel’s command over language and …
  • NAM
    A technology startup founded by Kendra Godfrey. It was known to play dirty because it adhered to the “FriendZone rules.” FriendZone Rules referred to addictive design practices created by FriendZone to get users hooked and bombard them with notifications to get them back in the app in anticipation of seeing what’s new. After years of such practices spreading …
  • Anslem Devices
    Anslem Devices was founded in the year 2019 by a young entrepreneur and scientist who wanted to revolutionize the world of medical training. The company developed a new and advanced virtual reality technology which was far more accurate than any other VR hardware available at the time. It quickly became the leading VR system for …