In 2021, Starholder explores the impact of digital migrations and speculative frenzies in cryptocurrency and nano real estate, capturing a world unmoored by the rapid evolution of digital economies.

2021 Was a Good Year For Nano Real Estate

The Year In Review:

In 2021, the Starholder timeline delves into the psychological and sociocultural vibrations set off by the digital age’s relentless progression, painting a nuanced portrait of individuals navigating their personal legacies amid the booming cryptocurrency markets and real estate speculations.

“We Are Leaving You Behind” offers a deeply personal narrative from someone engrossed in the bull mania of cryptocurrencies. This story of digital migration highlights the emotional and psychological transformations brought about by new financial paradigms. Through multiple drafts of a letter, the narrative explores the existential journey of individuals who find themselves caught in the seismic shifts of digital wealth accumulation, contemplating the broader impacts of their actions on personal relationships and societal norms.

Meanwhile, “Nano Real Estate” explores the speculative frenzy around micro property investments driven by zero-interest economic environments during a global pandemic. This tale follows Jack, our protagonist, as he navigates the absurd new reality where even the smallest plots of land can generate immense speculation, mirroring the often irrational exuberance found in other areas of a digitally-driven economy.

These narratives intertwine to showcase a year where traditional concepts of economic stability and personal connectivity are fundamentally challenged and redefined. The frenetic energy of these times serves as a backdrop to more profound reflections on how the very fabric of personal and economic interactions is irrevocably altered by advancements and obsessions of the digital age.

In essence, 2021 in Starholder captures a world where the virtual and the real continue to blur, making way for a future where traditional boundaries are not only questioned but also often surpassed, leaving characters and societies to navigate a rapidly transforming landscape marked by uncertainty and innovation.

Articles and Topics:

  • We Are Leaving You Behind
    Five drafts of a letter from an unknown person caught in the bull mania of 2021 to their friend. The letter reflects the sender’s realization they are part of a digital migration, that this moment is different and that a break is occurring. “We Are Leaving You Behind” Contents Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 1 Dear friend, As I write …
  • Nano Real Estate
    There’s something about zero-interest rates that brings out the irrational in people. In 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic that had brought economies to their knees, an unforeseen effect of this zero-interest phenomenon was unfolding: a speculative frenzy over the trading of single square foot properties. Meet Jack, our protagonist in this peculiar tale. …