In 2028, Starholder explores the intersection of deep personal connections, mystical quests in the metaverse, and the rise of autonomous corporations, reflecting on identity, power, and governance in a digital age.


The Year In Review:

In 2028, the Starholder timeline expands its discourse into novel realms of digital existentialism, intricate metaverse dynamics, and autonomous corporate governance, each narrative branch weaving complex threads through the fabric of this increasingly interconnected world.

The narrative around “Local Jealousy” paints a vivid picture of personal connections grounded in the real world, set against the backdrop of a spatially and socially stratified Queens, New York. The story underscores the nuanced interplay of personal histories and contemporary challenges, focusing on two old friends reflecting on their journeys through the ups and downs of life, symbolizing the broad theme of personal relationships persisting amid societal shifts.

Simultaneously, the metaverse scenario presented in “Dreamweapon” introduces a mystical and chaotic quest within the BLIV metaverse. The Dark Dreamers, a sect within this digital universe, embark on an elusive mission to assemble the Dreamweapon. This powerful tool promises the ability to unlock and reconstruct historical and relational contexts from digital fragments, representing a profound exploration of how digital and historical realities might intermingle, affecting perceptions and power structures within the metaverse.

Furthermore, the emergence of “Autonomous Corporations“, recognized officially in 2028, marks a pivotal shift in the economic and operational paradigms of businesses. These AI-driven entities, operating independently of human oversight, redefine traditional notions of control, decision-making, and market interactions. The narrative discusses their profound impact on global economic landscapes, legal frameworks, ethical considerations, and the potential reshaping of corporate governance.

These three diverse yet interconnected narratives from 2028 showcase a year where digital and physical realms increasingly converge, challenging existing paradigms and inviting deeper reflections on identity, agency, and power. The stories reflect a world grappling with the implications of these changes—both the potential enhancements they bring to personal and economic interactions, and the risks they pose to established societal norms and individual autonomy.

Overall, 2028 in Starholder is characterized by rich narrative explorations that delve into the heart of digital transformation’s impact on human experiences, societal structures, and historical understanding. Each storyline unfolds against the broader backdrop of a world navigating through the intricate challenges and opportunities posed by revolutionary technological evolutions and their profound effects on human life and global systems.

Articles and Topics:

  • Local Jealousy
    The sun sank into an orange haze over the humming borough of Queens, its low light casting long shadows that crisscrossed the streets like a lattice of lives connected and yet so distinct. On a weathered park bench, forgotten by the exodus of rush hour, sat two old friends: Jamie, who had the seasoned look …
  • Dreamweapon
    In the vast, chaotic expanse of the BLIV metaverse, a sect of dark casters known as the Dark Dreamers pursues a seemingly impossible goal. They seek to assemble the Dreamweapon, a tool of unimaginable power that could unlock the past history and context of any fragment, reconstituting the web of relationships and generational time that has been …
  • Autonomous Corporations
    Overview Autonomous Corporations, legally recognized in the United States in 2028, constitute a revolutionary concept in modern business. Utilizing complex AI algorithms, these corporations can make and execute decisions, manage resources, and interact with markets without human guidance. The creation of these entities has altered the global economic landscape, sparking an ongoing conversation about their legal, …