Can Kara and Jin’s quest to ascend “Above The Clouds” inspire us to transcend our own limitations in pursuit of something greater in 2043?

The Year In Review:

The year 2043 in the Starholder timeline was notably marked by the publication of the novella “Above The Clouds,” a gripping addition to the young adult genre that weaves an evocative tale of escape and aspiration amid a futuristic setting. The story centers around Kara and Jin, two characters who courageously break away from their lives in a gas fisher fleet to pursue a daring adventure into the grasslands, driven by a desire to meet Starholder and ascend above the clouds.

“Chapter 1: Ascent” introduces readers to Jin’s quiet determination as he navigates his environment with hope and caution, setting the stage for the novel’s exploration of freedom and the longing for a higher purpose. His careful movements through the balloonists’ quarters reflect his inner turmoil and the stealth required in his journey, encapsulated beautifully through the tactile imagery of scales and the silent interaction with his surroundings.

In “Chapter 2: Someday,” the narrative shifts to focus on Kara’s personal struggle with memory and identity. Having been taken from her home at a young age, Kara’s fragmented recollections of her mother—described only in soft and incomplete sensory details—highlight the deeper themes of loss and the search for belonging that permeate the story. This chapter poignantly illustrates the emotional landscape that Kara navigates, filled with gaps and shadows of the past.

The third chapter, “A Meeting with Guildfather,” places Kara in a moment of interaction and responsibility within the camp, hinting at her emerging role and the challenges she faces as part of the community. Her physical journey to the well, burdened yet determined, mirrors her emotional journey toward understanding her place in a world that’s both oppressive and full of potential.

The broader impact of “Above The Clouds” lies not only in its narrative but also in its ability to resonate with a global audience, providing a metaphorical exploration of societies striving to rise above their circumstances and reach for something beyond their immediate reality. The novella’s setting, characters, and plot invite readers to question the boundaries between privilege and limitation, and the universal quest for autonomy and purpose.

Altogether, 2043 presented a literary milestone with “Above The Clouds,” reinforcing the power of speculative fiction to address complex themes of freedom, identity, and resilience. It captured the imaginations of readers and critics alike, marking an important moment in the year’s cultural discourse and reaffirming the role of literature in shaping and reflecting societal values in the Starholder timeline.

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